How to Feel Comfortable in Making Sex Sounds During Sex

Posted on Jan 20, 2022 by Moanpal
How to Feel Comfortable in Making Sex Sounds During Sex

Moaning, screaming, and grunts are common sounds people use during sex. These sounds make them excited and arouse them. There are certainly many reasons why people make such sounds. Some make them out of enjoyment while others make them when they want to climax or feel pain. Regardless of the reason, making sex sounds is a common phenomenon. While a few people feel uncomfortable making sex sounds, others simply make them when aroused. If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable while making noises during sex, then in this article, we will talk about how to feel comfortable making sex sounds. So, let’s get started

Why sex noises are important?

There are actually two types of people: one who likes to moan and one who likes quiet sex. Every individual has different preferences when it comes to making sex noises. Some like it, and others don’t. Although there are many benefits of erotic sounds, it helps in making arousal, helps in the climax, and makes one super excited during intercourse. Moreover, women usually moan to tell their partners that they are enjoying what their partners are doing. Basically, it is an involuntary response to physical exertion. In fact, some research also says that when you are into the sexual experience, your own moans and sounds enhance your own arousal. Also, you get totally immersed in pleasure.

How to Feel Comfortable in Making Sounds during Sex

Now, this is a common question many people think about it but hardly discuss. While it may not feel natural to many people, making erotic sounds during sex can benefit your overall sexual experience. If you don’t make sex sounds, it seems like you are not feeling pleasured. It is the same as watching a silent film. Boring, isn’t it? To add spark to your sex life, making sex sounds is certainly the best way to do it. These sexual sounds not only make you feel pleasured but let your partner feel great about himself/herself. The following are the best ways to feel comfortable making sounds during sex.

Use your sense for it- If you want to enjoy sex, using all your senses makes it more pleasurable. It allows you to be present at that very moment and get less distracted. When you make sex sounds, you enjoy it more with your partner. It makes you feel oneness with your partner and you both get more into intercourse. Moreover, it actually works more to hold back than really release the small moan or deep breath.

A Unique Communication- As compared to couples who are silent during sex, couples that match communication styles like sounds and breathing syncing up have a higher level of intimacy. It is an effective way to let both know how much they are enjoying that keeps their arousal at heights. 

To express yourself- Shouting and screaming like a porn star is never going to feel genuine. But when it comes to moaning, it’s all about finding your own sexual experience and sexy voice. Therefore, you can try different moans and breaths to woo your partner and feel content. Once you do that, you will feel more indulged in sex.

Your moan should not look fake. Even if you fake it, you can’t make it. When you are thinking about the type of moan and try to make it without feeling pleasure, there is no fun in that. Rather than take a deep breath, and let your body and mouth make the movements. Again, no matter what noise you spill out, it should be something that turns you both on. Let the voice come automatically as you feel the sensations. Just be yourself. The deeper you feel the sex, the more you feel like making moans and sex noises.

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