Live Sex Noises - Hate It or Love It

Posted on Jan 20, 2022 by Moanpal
Live Sex Noises - Hate It or Love It

I heard it only minutes after we checked in to our hotel by Lake District last summer - it was the first time when I heard real people having sex in real life and, contrary to my belief, it was actually exciting. It was nothing like the performative soundtracks of the porn videos I viewed before, as I knew it was live and they were right there right now.

I pressed my ear to the wall - I felt like I was invading their privacy but, at the same time, couldn't stop listening as there was something forbidden and secretive about my desire towards a couple I didn’t know. I could hear her sighs, moans, and even the slapping sounds thanks to the thin wall - I couldn’t help the tingly feeling I got but, in the meanwhile, it was also mixed with a sense of shame, embarrassment, and jealousy.

I have now come to accept that it is normal to feel aroused in an arousing situation — whether it involves you directly or not. Sometimes you simply can’t help it. It’s a biological response to erotic stimuli. At first, it was only that one time — easily forgotten and forgiven. After all, I was a sex-positive feminist who advocated for women’s pleasure.

In the following week of our vacation, the action behind our shared wall picked up even more and so did my emotional upheaval. The mixed feelings were still there but on balance I enjoyed listening to my neighbour’s erotic adventures. It was arousing to hear a woman experiencing pleasure in a non-performative way.

I was sick of the mainstream media’s depictions of pleasure and loved listening to a realistic version of female desire. Later, I would discover audio porn and platforms like Moanpal - a live sex noises sharing platform by ordinary people and channel this need elsewhere. My partner was not as interested as I was and I made peace with that - after all, men are visual creatures and women are better listeners.