Types of Sex Noises Guys Make During Sex

Posted on Feb 01, 2022 by Moanpal
Types of Sex Noises Guys Make During Sex

Making sex noises is common during sex. Just like women, men also make certain noises to show what and how they feel. Some men moan louder while others just make some sexual sounds. Regardless of the sounds, every man has a different way to make sex noises during real-time sex. So, what are the different types of noises guys make while making love?

Let’s take a look at the types of sex noises:

Long Exhale through Mouth

Many men do that, and it is not weird at all. It is a long exhale through the mouth while the lips are curled in an O shape. The sound is like he is blowing the candles out. Something like “fhuuuuuuuuuu.” This way, he is just trying to maintain a balance between oxygen and blood to maintain an erection.

A Guttural Growl

This sound is common when a man has a lot of sweat on his partner. A man usually makes this noise when they are close to climaxing. Or maybe he has had a stroke, and you can discover this sort of humping when a man thinks about his foreseeable future. This guttural growl “Uhhhhhhhhhhgn” is when he places his chin forward as he has an underbite.

Synonymous to yes

Yeaaaaaaahhh! This sound is when he is having a good and pleasurable time that he wants his partner to know. This is the sound when he wants to enjoy more and wants his partner to enjoy too.


The shallower breathing is the sign that he is getting utmost pleasure. He pants not like an animal but shows that he is too into intercourse.


This is when they are vacuuming up the extra saliva in their mouth. It may sound gross, but this is when he wants more, more, and more. This is the time when they haven’t realized it’s been a long time on the bed.

Low Moans

When a guy is a bit shy, he makes such moans. Although it may seem like he will whisper in the year, it is actually when a partner makes him satisfied, enjoyable and happy.

Muffled Groans

When a man is self-conscious about being loud, he tries to restrict those moans while orgasming. This noise is known as a “library voice.” It means he is trying to hold back his moans. Such groans are too sexy when it makes one feel vibrated against the skin.

Strange hiccupy sound

During sex, many men try to stifle a certain sound with a half-sneeze or hiccup sound. He doesn’t care how it sounds; if sex is on zenith, he will make the sound no matter what.

Exerted Grunt

This sound comes when a man is all set to give pleasure to his partner. Though he is taking care of your pleasure, he also ensures that it makes him satisfy his partner.

The Leaky Tire

The man is exhaling with a closed mouth while biting his bottom lip. This means he is enjoying too much and going to erupt very soon. A guy like this is when he is coming closer to his partner, feeling every inch of her.

Saying Dirty Words

Now he is saying dirty words to his partner, describing more of his fantasies. He says everything that he would like to do with his partner or his partner would be doing for him. This is to facilitate orgasms.
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