What to know about Swinging before you Try it Yourself

Posted on Jan 20, 2022 by Moanpal
What to know about Swinging before you Try it Yourself

While many couples are monogamous, others like to open relationships to spice up their sex lives. Certainly, swinging can be real fun for people who are single, committed, or married. So, before we deep dive into the article, let’s talk about swinging in detail.

What is Swinging?

Swinging is a sexual practice where people engage in sexual activities with other couples as a form of socialization and recreation. It basically involves partner swapping in which one partner is involved with another partner, and another partner enjoys sex with someone else at the same place and time. For couples, it can be group sex which involves one or more couples. This sexual practice can be at the home, hotel, or party. It is very different from polygamy, in which multiple partners develop romantic and physical relationships with one another.

Effective Tips for Swinging

If you are planning to try swinging for the first time, the following tips could be beneficial for you.

Open communication

To make a successful swinging relationship, it is important to be open in communication between partners. This sexual practice is all about trust. No jealousy, no pain! All the people involved in swinging feel secure in their goals as well as relationships. Have an open line of communication with your partner and be open about your needs and wants.

Set-up clear boundaries

Every couple involved in swinging should have a few rules that can make them comfortable and enjoy sexual intercourse. For example, some swingers can allow petting, soft swapping, or foreplay. Some couples are comfortable in threesomes while others prefer foursomes or maybe more. It is important to talk to your partner to discover the comfort levels, and mutual agreement is vital to take things forward.

Make a slow start

Don’t rush things. Instead, start it slow. Watch porn or browse the swinging websites with your partner to fantasize and discuss the sort of sexual partners you are looking for. Based on mutual interest, start inviting people into your relationship. Swinging is highly confidential, and you don’t want anyone to hurt you. So, it is vital to take a slow move towards your swinging life.

Establish a connection

For a successful swinging experience, it is important to come up with a signal. New swingers may find that they are becoming uncomfortable with the idea or feeling too nervous. That is quite normal. However, there is no need to make or feel yourself or your partner uncomfortable. You can establish some signals or code words with your partner so that you both can communicate with each other about your experience. Moreover, these signals also help your partner to know whether you are comfortable or not.

Don’t compromise with sex safety.

Practicing safe sex by using dental dams and condoms is essential when you are swinging with others. Of course, no one wants to get diseases like Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs). So, make sure you are having safe sex with your new sexual partners. So, you can enjoy the sex and stay healthy as well.

Look for like-minded people.

Once you and your partner are ready for swinging, it’s time to find suitable people who things more like you. When you have like-minded people, you can enjoy sex even more and share a strong bond. You can meet these people in swinger’s groups, clubs, or even parties.

Don’t cross etiquette boundaries.

Swinging parties, conventions, and clubs have special rules and etiquette guidelines to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience. So, before you head to any swinging venue, look for the specific rules made by them.

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