What your sex noises really mean

Posted on Jan 20, 2022 by Moanpal
What your sex noises really mean

Our actions and words convey a lot about who we are, and our bedroom conduct is no exception. Your behaviour between the sheets might reveal more about your personality than you would believe. Here's what the experts had to say about the sex noises you — and your lover(s) — produce during sex and what they can indicate about your personality.

Guttural moans

It's the guttural, staccato groans that come out in short, loud spurts that might be unsettling at times. These gun groans most often follow the 'jackrabbit' thrusting method. This is the kind of person that wants to demonstrate their supremacy by being larger, louder, and stronger.

High-Pitch Squeals

Ear-piercing noises that are sensitive but seductive are frequently symptomatic of someone a little gentler than others. They're probably incredibly ticklish, so caressing their erogenous zones causes them to burst out laughing. They're also emotionally sensitive - they're probably the ones that sobbed throughout the first 10 minutes of 'Up. If you or your spouse squeals or bursts out laughing, recognize that sex doesn't have to be so serious. If the giggles irritate you or are too distracting, consider going slowly — use a firmer touch and aim for pressure to avoid tickles.


Overeager and overjoyed, the person who does a lot of heavy breathing has either been in a sexual drought or wants to have it on far more frequently than he or she does now. Though you or your spouse is panting like a dog, you're doing everything properly, even if it doesn't feel like you're doing much. This guy is simply engrossed in it. Also, he has experienced the finest orgasm of their life.

Third-Person Play-by-Play

This individual probably reads a lot of erotica - you'll almost certainly discover a copy of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' at their bedside. Wanting to communicate in-depth about what's going on with your body and how it makes them feel stimulates their brain, which is the largest sex organ. While speaking in the third person may be unsettling at first, there are endless opportunities for entertainment if you or your partner like commenting on the action. Who can say? You might be able to assist each other release your inhibitions.

Deep Moans

Deep Moaning Sex is a terrific way to let go of your more conservative nature and embrace your wilder inner self. Overachievers who prefer to have all their ducks in a row outside of the bedroom are more likely to groan, which might make their personal noises all the more startling. This individual is a Type A personality who has finally allowed themselves to be free enough to participate in the activity. It's also the one occasion when they don't care what their neighbors think.

Talk like a Baby

This form of sex sound may be surprising, but it's actually a technique of leveraging role reversal in the bedroom. Normally, this individual is a control freak. They like having control over someone and becoming a mother or father figure. So, it might be pleasant to reverse the script in the bedroom and wish to be controlled. Does this sound familiar? If you're the baby talker, communicate your desires to your spouse, or give your beloved what he or she wants by seizing the reins.

Dirty Words

A filthy talker is sometimes defined as the one who wants to get down to business. Moreover, it doesn't care how, when, or why, as long as there's a safe phrase. Having a dirty tongue, on the other hand, may signify something quite different. Those that talk the dirtiest are sometimes the same folks who are really courteous in public but flip when they hit the sheets. These prim and decent people grin with their lips closed and sit with their legs crossed at the ankles, but in private, they'll spew a litany of the most vulgar four-letter terms in a dizzying array of combinations to order, laud, and drive their loves into action.

Whispers of Breath

Barely audible sounds are generally made by persons who are more introverted and strive to keep their genuine sentiments hidden, even during sex. During the heat of the moment, their whispered murmurs escape secretly. You'll know you're performing all the perfect sex motions when you hear those breathy murmurs.

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